Cardi B & Offset Watch Yacht Sink – But Don't Call For Help

Cardi B and Offset were taking in a beach vacation on Saturday (May 28) when they happened to see something atypical in the water — a yacht sinking to the ocean floor. As the boat began to become submerged underwater, Cardi pulled out her phone and began documenting the entire experience in separate videos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“The fuck, oh my — it’s sinking! Y’all see that? Y’all see it?” she exclaimed. “Oh my God! They can’t do nothin’ about it? There ain’t no big boat that can save it? It’s gone! It’s gone. Buh-bye. Byeee. Oh my God, it’s gone! Oh my God!”


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Cardi B’s hilarious play-by-play of the encounter came with the good news of nobody being on the ship when it began sinking, though it’s unclear what caused the yacht to go down in the first place. On Sunday (May 29), Cardi gave fans an update on the situation on her Instagram Stories.

“Update y’all,” she began. “There’s a search team looking for the boat. I just saw a scuba diver went down there and it’s like, “Chile, that shit is in Bikini Bottom. That bitch long gone! Spongebob is auctioning that bitch.”

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Run Football Drills In Latest ‘Cardi Tries’ Episode

Cardi B’s brief time as a narrator for the demise of the rich and famous party boat should be another reminder that the multi-hyphenate can do it all. Recently, she and Megan Thee Stallion joined forces for the latest episode of her Cardi Tries web series on Facebook.

In their first reunion since their “WAP” collaboration went 6x-platinum, the pair were joined by members of the Los Angeles Chargers to try their hand at football drills, namely catching, tackling and even sprinting. The whole experience made her even curious about letting her young son try out for football when he gets older.

Cardi added, “One thing I learned about football is that you really need a strong teammate and that’s why I got my strong teammate here [Megan].”