Chance The Rapper Comes To Megan Thee Stallion's Defense After Tory Lanez Incident

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In the wake of Megan Thee Stallion‘s revelation that Tory Lanez shot her following a Hollywood party on July 12, many have criticized Tory for his actions, but unsurprisingly, none of those critics were her male peers in the industry. That is, until Saturday (August 22) when Chance The Rapper took to Twitter to defend Megan.

“I hope Meg really gets justice for what Tory did to her,” Chance wrote. “And that we can all learn from this, how near and constant and serious, the threat of lethal violence and abuse is for every Black woman.”

Chance has been vocal about supporting women in Hip Hop throughout the summer. When J. Cole dropped “Snow On Tha Bluff,” Chance quickly called out Cole and his lyrics, which were pointed at Chicago poet and activist Noname.

“Yet another L for men masking patriarchy and gaslighting as contructive criticism,” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, he added that while Cole and Noname are both friends of his, he felt the need to address Cole’s polarizing track.

“They both my peoples but only one of them put out a whole song talking about how the other needs to reconsider their tone and attitude in order to save the world,” he said. “It’s not constructive and undermines all the work Noname has done. It’s not BWs job to spoon feed us. We grown.”

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On Thursday (August 20), Megan took to Instagram to finally clear the air in regards to the shooting incident. After constant rumors and speculation as to why she was shot, the Houston rapper decided she would no longer be protective of those who have remained silent throughout her entire ordeal.

“So, since you hoes so worried ’bout it, yes this nigga Tory shot me. You shot me! And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and shit. Stop lying.”

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#MeganTheeStallion admits #ToryLanez shot her

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Following the incident, the Canadian rapper was arrested on charges of felony gun possession and later released. Megan was taken to a local hospital with injuries to her feet, the initial report claiming that she had stepped on glass. Days later, she revealed publicly that she was shot and confessed that she had undergone surgery to remove bullet fragments from both of her heels.

The Los Angeles District Attorney is probing whether or not to file felony assault charges against Tory.