Conway The Machine & Freddie Gibbs Are Full Of Regrets On 'Seen Everything But Jesus'

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Conway The Machine has linked up with Freddie Gibbs on a song called “Seen Everything But Jesus,” which will appear on his new album From King To A God this Friday (September 11).

On the chorus, the Griselda rapper reflects on starting from the bottom, friends passing and his regrets over the years.

“I did a lot of shit that I regret/I’ve done a lot of things I can’t take back/But I was tryna just get my respect/I catched a body when I rang this MAC/Lord knows that I’m tryin’/But we come up from the bottom/Growin’ up, most of my homies was dyin’,” he raps.

Gibbs also admits regrets in his verse, explaining how life’s struggles had him praying to see better days.

“I done a lot of shit that I regret/I bust the strap until it ain’t nothin’ left/Had to pray every day to Jesus/I ain’t scared of death/I scraped that Pyrex ’til it ain’t nothin’ left/It ain’t no competition on this mic, oppositions want my life/Mama said I can’t be here, ’cause I’m drippin’ in the blood of Christ/Set up by my family members, man, sometimes your blood ain’t right,” Gibbs rhymes.

Produced by Beat Butcha, “Seen Everything But Jesus” is the fourth single off From King To A God, following “Front Lines,” “Lemon” and “Fear Of God.” The project will include 15 tracks, with features from Method Man, Havoc, Lloyd Banks, Westside Gunn, DeJ Loaf and more.

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In August, Conway revealed that he was robbed in Atlanta and has since decided to carry a weapon due to returning paranoia.

“Rappers ain’t safe just ’cause you a rapper,” Conway told The Bootleg Kev Podcast. “Like bro, I got robbed. I got robbed in Atlanta, bruh. This was the first day of the tour. That tour that ended at the Novo? The first show was in Atlanta. I’m leaving the mall, nigga caught me lacking – snatched the door open. But I just charge that shit to the game ’cause I know how it is.”

He continued, “So now that paranoia is back. Now I gotta have a 50 clip on me. I don’t get to feeling too comfortable. ‘Cause I’m the type of nigga – I have no fears of nothing or nobody. You feel me? I know God… All the shit I been through, if I could get through that nigga I ain’t worried about no nigga or nothing happening to me! So I be everywhere by myself.”

Revisit Conway and Gibbs’ previous collaboration “Babies & Fools” below.