Freddie Gibbs Says He Loves Akademiks & Gunna: 'Ain't Nobody Gonna Get Hurt'

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Freddie Gibbs always finds himself in a situation with another rapper, but he handles it gracefully even if the odds don’t work in his favor. The Alfredo rapper will be the first guest on the Paramount+ series Yo! MTV Raps and footage of the episode surfaced online showing him speaking about his problems with other rappers.

Show hosts Conceited and DJ Diamond Kuts asked about his stance on involving himself in all these internet beefs with Akademiks and Gunna. According to Gibbs, he relishes all issues he has with others because it’s usually not going to get to a point where someone gets hurt.

“I like it that way, it gotta be that way,” Gibbs said. “I’m from Gary and shit I gotta represent for them and you punking me, you punking Gary. I love DJ Akademiks, I like Gunna, I be bumping his shit. I like that shit, ‘I can’t fuck with Freddie Gibbs,’ that’s my shit.

“I know these n-ggas is not me. I’m something different, and that’s cool. It’s all love. We just leave it at that. We different n-ggas, ain’t nobody gonna get hurt ain’t nobody gonna punch nobody ain’t no nobody gonna shoot nobody.”

Gibbs’ appearance on Yo! MTV Raps, which premieres on Tuesday (May 24), was recorded prior to the alleged scuffle he was in last week when men allegedly associated with Benny The Butcher jumped him and took his chain before a show in Buffalo, New York.

Freddie Gibbs Shuts Down Chain-Snatching Rumors Following Buffalo Beatdown

Days later, in a video posted to Twitter by his girlfriend, Gibbs challenges his attackers to “produce the stolen jewelry that you say that you got” while copping new pieces inside a jewelry store.