Gillie Da Kid Blasts American Airlines For Racial Profiling After Airport Drug Search

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Gillie Da Kid has called out American Airlines for perceived racial profiling after he was allegedly asked to be searched at a Texas airport.

Video of the exchange shows the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast c0-host trading words with a TSA agent donning a cowboy hat.

“Plane full of white folks leaving Dallas and the only black man is ask does he have illegal narcotics in his bag,” Gillie wrote alongside the exchange on Instagram, tagging American Airlines. “U pick the wrong ni$$a today buddy.”

Gillie can be heard saying in the video, “What are you talking about? You wanna look in here? You asked me could you search [my bag] so I searched it for you.”

“Don’t lie to the camera sir,” the agent replied.

“Oh c’mon, man, don’t lie to the camera. You walked up gonna pick me out. Get away from me man. You picked me out,” Gillie continued. “For what? I’m probably the richest person on this plane, get away from me man.”

The agent then interjected to accuse Gillie of “smelling like marijuana” and reminded the podcast host it was “illegal in Texas.”

“I smell like marijuana, are you serious? Are you serious? What do you mean be real. You be real,” Gillie said. “Picked the wrong one today, huh?”

Gillie Da Kid is far from the first rapper to voice their frustrations with American Airlines. In 2018, YG criticized the airline for being racist after he was accused of being drunk on a flight and removed from the plane.

“Fuck American Airlines on blood,” YG said on Instagram at the time. “They kicked me off the plane talking about I’m drunk … I’m soberer than a muthafucka. Racist ass muthafuckas. I’m sober!”


While American Airlines never responded to YG or Gillie, they did bite back on one occasion involving Iggy Azalea, who chastised the airline for giving away her and her son’s seat on a flight.

“I wanted to tell any families booking travel be careful flying with young kids on @AmericanAir,” Iggy wrote on April 18. “I was flying with my son & they sold our seats while the gate was still open then refused to take our bags off the plane although every other flight was sold out for that night.”

Airline staff then responded and told TMZ that Iggy missed her flight because of her own tardiness.

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Aside from voicing his disgust at American Airlines, Gillie also recently voiced his disgust at the “clowns” who shared footage and clips from the scene of TakeOff’s death after he was shot and killed in Houston last week.

Gillie took to his Instagram Story to criticize those who were recording the death of yet another Black celebrity.

“Why every time something happen to a rapper or an athlete or an entertainer or anybody of color, the first thing you n-ggas do is pull your fuckin’ phones out and start recording, and post that shit on the internet, man,” he pleaded. “Y’all n-ggas is clowns for that shit, man. The last image a muthafucka want to see is they peoples laying on the ground bleeding the fuck out, man.

“N-ggas be having mommas, kids, grandmommas, uncles, aunties… But the first thing y’all n-ggas do is pull y’all phone out. ‘Oh, look at such and such.’ That shit ain’t cool, man… That n-gga just lost his life and you n-ggas is tryin’ to get likes. Tell me how that shit add up, man?”