Hoodrich Pablo Juan Denies Getting Robbed After Being Taunted With A Gucci Mane 1017 Chain

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Atlanta, GA – Hoodrich Pablo Juan, the prolific Atlanta rapper who was once signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo imprint, is looking to clear his name after he saw it shoot to the top of Twitter’s trending topics on Saturday (May 23).

An admitted foe of Hoodrich by the name of MPG Lil Roxk took to social media to showcase a large collection of diamond-encrusted jewelry, including a 1017 record label chain.

“Pablo Juan, you a bitch … know what I’m saying, pussy ass nigga?” MPG Lil Roxk quipped in the video. “Ain’t no more ‘Pablo Juan,’ nigga. I don’t think Gucci can get this back for this you. I don’t think Gucci can get this … get that back, pussy ass nigga. Your career over with.”

The Atlanta rapper (born Sterling Pennix) soon fired back at his critics through Instagram after seeing his name go viral. Through a series of video clips while blasting music from his recently released album Hood Rich, he went the extra mile to prove he was unblemished by driving around in a Louis Vuitton mask and draped in yes, diamond-encrusted jewelry.

He also delivered a message saying, “Y’all funny, ain’t shit happen to me..”

Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been dodging rumors of being mugged and/or accosted for years, albeit through mostly unfounded reports. In January 2019, it was alleged he was beaten, robbed and stripped naked during an Atlanta recording session — prompting a similar Twitter frenzy. Later that year, he conducted an interview with No Jumper, detailing a robbery situation involving himself and fellow rappers Q Da Fool, Goonew and Lil Dude.

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Nonetheless, rap fans are highly invested in this particular story. Check out some of the more passionate reactions below.