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“I Could’ve Died”: Emerald M.’s Ode To Love’s Redeeming Power

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In her latest single, “I Could’ve Died,” Burmese musical prodigy Emerald M. shares a poignant story of love’s redemptive might in the face of overwhelming darkness. The song is a testament to finding hope where there seems to be none. 

The multi-talented Emerald has always left her audience in awe with her musical versatility. This new song takes listeners down a path laden with raw emotion and stark realizations, encapsulating the essence of heartache and the healing that follows. 

Starting with a sobering acknowledgment of salvation amidst chaos, the song quickly establishes itself as an emotional rollercoaster. Emerald M.‘s lyrical genius shines as she delves into the heart of her struggles, offering a cathartic release for anyone who has ever felt lost: “And I’m really missing you somehow/ If I closed my eyes,I/ See you in my mind I/ Fade away,  but it’s ok/ My body’s numb and bleeding/ I focus on my breathing/ Counting down my time/ Till it arrives.”

Through the power of her music, Emerald conveys a spectrum of feelings from pain to appreciation. Her candid confessions about the battles within and the external longing for a lost love are gripping, providing a voice to the silent struggles many face. 

As “I Could’ve Died” charts the course from darkness to light, Emerald M. is also gearing up to release “Same Old Routine.” Her current work not only entertains but also inspires, encouraging her fans to recognize their self-worth and the ever-present possibility of redemption through love’s embrace.

Listen to “I Could’ve Died” here:

Watch the lyric video below: