Ice Cube ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted' Producer Sues For Royalties Despite Unpaid Debt

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Ice Cube’s former producer Sir Jinx is reportedly taking the N.W.A pioneer to court. According to TMZ, Jinx is suing Cube over unpaid royalties for music he produced dating back to Cube’s 1990 debut solo album Amerikka’s Most Wanted.

Sir Jinx alleges in the court documents he’s produced upward of 28 tracks for Cube and didn’t realize he wasn’t getting his fair share of the profits until 2019.

Although Jinx let Ice Cube and his team know he was missing about $100,000 in back pay, Jinx says they never paid him. He wants a judge to ensure Ice Cube properly compensates him for his work.

But Ice Cube apparently sees things a bit differently. On Monday morning (May 24), a source close to Cube reportedly claimed the gangsta rap legend has loaned Sir Jinx a significant amount of money over the years, loans that have never been paid back.

Sir Jinx is responsible for producing Cube’s legendary diss track “No Vaseline,” “True to the Game,” “The Bomb,” “It’s a Man’s World,” and “The Funeral,” among others.

YAY-UH-YAY! Ice Cube & BIG3 Win $21M In Defamation Lawsuit

Anyone familiar with Ice Cube’s history should know when it comes to lawsuits, he fights back. In March, Cube filed a lawsuit against popular trading app Robinhood for using his likeness without his permission. Cube decided to file the suit after he discovered a Robinhood newsletter with his face on it and a play on his infamous “Check Yo’ Self” line in the caption — “Correct Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” — to endorse their new Snacks brand. 

In 2017, Cube sued Champion Basketball League for defamation after the CBL filed a $250 million suit against BIG3 for allegedly stealing their proprietary ideas. Two years later, Cube emerged victorious after a judge awarded BIG3 $21 million.