Jay Electronica Crowns JAY-Z Line 'Greatest' Double Entendre In Rap History

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Fat Joe isn’t the only rapper who holds JAY-Z’s rhymes in high regard. On Sunday (January 23), Jay Electronica heaped high praise of his own on Hov’s pen game — specifically, one of his lines from their “Shiny Suit Theory” collaboration.

“The greatest [double] Entendre ever said by any rapper ever is the Immaculate Conception/My God is so hard to conceive bar was said by @sc on here,” he declared. “These are facts. Don’t @ me. You are unqualified. Yes you! Don’t get blocked. That ain’t [P].”

JAY-Z‘s full stanza from the song goes: “In the world of no justice and black ladies on the back of buses/I’m the immaculate conception of rappers-slash-hustlers/My God, it’s so hard to conceive/But it all falls perfect, I’m like autumn is to trees.”

Originally released in 2010, “Shiny Suit Theory” arrived just days after Jay Electronica signed to JAY-Z’s Roc Nation imprint. It eventually landed on the elusive MC’s long-awaited debut album A Written Testimony, which dropped a full decade later.

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According to Hip Hop insider Miss Info, Hov sent Jay Electronica his “Shiny Suit Theory” verse by email amid a “few weeks of intense daily communication and creative courtship,” fending off competition for his signature from Diddy’s Bad Boy Records.

Jay Electronica also showed love to JAY-Z‘s contribution to “A.P.I.D.T.A.” during his Sunday Twitter spree, praising the Brooklyn billionaire’s somber hook on the mournful A Written Testimony album cut.

“All praise is due to Allah for blessing dirty old me to make a song like this, on which My Brother @sc gave one of the greatest hooks of all time (in my expert opinion),” he wrote.

Jay Electronica was clearly in a flower-giving mood this past weekend. The “Exhibit C” extraordinaire also hailed The Game and Kanye West’s “EAZY” as “one of the greatest records of all time,” while making a case for Drake’s place on the Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop.

Jay Elect-Hanukkah has no shortage of his own admirers. Fellow NOLA native Curren$y recently heaped praise on his verse on Pilot Talk 4‘s “AD6,” while it looks like Kanye might be enlisting Jay Electronica for the remix to his aforementioned The Game collaboration.