Jay Electronica Jokingly Threatened To ‘Shoot The Studio Up’ Over Nas & Hit-Boy’s ‘KD3’

Hit-Boy has revealed how Jay Electronica helped to personify some of the bars Nas spit for their collaborative King’s Disease III (KD3) album.

While engaging with fans on Twitter and remarking on the release of the album on Friday (November 10), the West Coast-bred producer revealed how the veteran Roc Nation signee organically brought a new meaning to one of the Illmatic MC’s lines on the album track “Hood2Hood.”

According to Hit-Boy’s tweet, Jay Electronica called him during the session they were actually recording the song so he put him on speakerphone with Nas in the room to let the “Ghost Of Soulja Slim” rapper know they were working on music. Jay Electronica’s response was so comically superb, it seemingly influenced Nas’ writing process — and the rest is history.

“‘Rappers wanna shoot up the studio they tired of us’ no [Baseball cap emoji] jay electronica called me randomly while me and Nas were working on ‘Hood2Hood’ and i put him on speaker he said ‘if y’all in there working on more music i’m coming to shoot the studio up’ jokingly of course,” Hit-Boy wrote in the tweet.

To be even more specific, on “Hood2Hood,” Nas appears to reference the call in pre-hook bars as he raps: “If one clique make a million today, it probably be us / Probably because my Midas touch for viral stuff / Rappers wanna shoot up the studio, they tired of us.”

Though Hit-Boy clearly pointed out Jay Electronica was merely giving him and Nas a hard time for their insane work ethic, there was some small sliver of truth in Jay’s reaction. KD3 is the fourth collaborative album to come from the pair in two years, following their nine-song 2021 album Magic.

Not to mention the inaugural 2020 edition of their collaborative King’s Disease LP series earned Nas his first Grammy Award for the Best Rap Album in 2021.

Along with recalling his chance experience with Jay Electronic and Nas in the studio while working on KD3, Hit-Boy also shared another remarkable moment with his Twitter followers on November 10, as he detailed how his 2-Year-old son Chauncy Hollis II helped out with the album on one of the key tracks on the latter half of the project.

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In addition to sharing a clip of the moment his son laid his vocals for the song “Once A Man, Twice A Child,” Hit-Boy explained how his son earned himself a production credit for the work he put in on the anthemic record.

“My 2 year old son C3 has production credit on KD3 that’s his voice on “once a man twice a child” can’t thank @Nas enough [Salute emoji],” Hit-Boy wrote in the tweet.

Revisit the stream for KD3 below.