Keyshia Cole's Brother Calls O.T. Genasis A 'Suburban Crip' & 'Bitch' As Threats Fly

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O.T. Genasis went on a rant about Keyshia Cole smelling like “fish sticks” earlier this week. Once she fired back, he attempted a half-baked apology but simultaneously issued a threat.

Shortly after her sister Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh threw in her two cents, now her brother Sean Cole is speaking out.

On Wednesday (April 15), Sean shared an Instagram video of himself commenting on the situation, explaining he initially thought O.T. was simply kidding around.

“I’m really sitting back laughing with the nigga like, ‘Oh shit he made her come off her little high horse,’” he said. “I’m thinkin’ he’s joking with her. I didn’t realize the nigga was a whole ass bitch and was really emotional. But still, I wasn’t made. Like I said, my sister is a big dawg. She picks her fight and doesn’t call saying, ‘Get ’em lil bro.’”

Sean went on to call O.T. a “pussy ass suburban Crip” and while berating him for referring to his mother as a “crackhead.”

“You know you done fucked up now, don’t you?” he continued. “My mama had nothing to do with this shit. My mom been fighting this battle for a long time. My mama represent all of the real niggas’ mamas from the real struggle. You obviously a suburban ass Crip.

Keyshia Cole’s Sister G-Checks O.T. Genasis As He Calls Their Mother A Crackhead

“Your mama didn’t do no drugs ’cause your mama was probably was livin’ in a big ass house. You was probably with her the whole time. So you probably a pussy. My mama like Afeni Shakur on some other shit. Really what I’m bout to do is … I’m gonna beat your muthafuckin’ ass. I’m on you.”

Watch the full video above.