Maxo Kream Recalls Tory Lanez Story That Makes Megan Thee Stallion Incident Look Worse

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Maxo Kream showed his support for fellow Houston native Megan Thee Stallion by speaking out on Tory Lanez allegedly shooting her. In an Instagram video posted on Monday (August 24), the RCA Records rapper told a story about an incident involving him and Lanez that happened just a few days prior to Megan getting shot.

“I wasn’t going to speak on this shit until I seen niggas and bitches coming for Megan, talking like she [Tekashi] 6ix9ine or something,” he said. “So anyways, three days before Megan got shot or whatever I was in L.A. I was at the hotel. Tory Lanez’s bitch-ass was staying at the hotel too. I go to [local restaurant] Wi Jammin because that’s where I like my Jamaican food. We done chilling at Wi Jammin, Tory Lanez’s bitch-ass pull up behind us.”

He continued, “After he ordered the food, he on the phone looking all goofy and shit. He walk up to the wrong car. We both in black cars. I got a driver, he got a driver. This nigga walk up to my car, open my door. I’m thinking like, ‘Who the fuck is this nigga?’ My niggas up sticks on ’em, up guns on these niggas. [He says] ‘Oh! My bad, bro, I didn’t know where I was going. I ain’t know where I was going!’ He gon’ hop back in the car.”

Maxo was bothered by Lanez quickly backing down in that situation but allegedly firing shots at a woman.

“So with me seeing that, I’m like, ‘Bro, this is crazy,’ he explained. “You would shoot a female but when some gangstas get on your ass, up sticks, niggas cop plea bargains … begging for their life, playing pussy.”

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Maxo closed out his video by reiterating his disdain for Lanez and defending Megan, who he collaborated with on the 2019 single “She Live.” He also called out anyone from Texas who isn’t supportive of Hot Girl Meg in this situation.

“Tory Lanez is a bitch, bro,” he stated. “Any nigga from Texas that ain’t standing for Megan, that’s not standing up for Megan, y’all some bitch-ass niggas too. Y’all some hoes too. And you can’t trust any niggas nowadays that rock weaves, get extensions or get fake edge-ups ’cause these niggas is bitches. These niggas is hoes, mane. Keep Megan name out your mouth!”

Check out Maxo’s full diatribe below.

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