Mike Dean Agrees Kanye West Traded His Career For Candace Owens 'Talking Points'

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Mike Dean has agreed with a tweet that claims Kanye West tarnished his legacy just to recycle some of Candace Owens’ old talking points.

No Jumper podcast host Adam22 shared his thoughts on Ye’s relationship with conservative pundit Candance Owens on Twitter, to which the esteemed producer was quick to agree with his take.

“Kanye spent 20 years building one of the biggest empires in music and fashion and threw it all away bc he wanted to repeat Candace Owens talking points on TV,” Adam wrote.

“Amen,” Mike Dean replied.

Mike Dean is just the latest of Ye’s allies to turn into an adversary after the Yeezy mogul went on numerous anti-Semitic rants this past week.

The comments he made regarding Jews, George Floyd and white supremacy on Fox NewsDrink Champs, and other outlets, caused adidas, Balenciaga, Chase Bank, and even Def Jam to all cut ties with the Chicago star. Ye recently said during a podcast interview with MIT research scientist Lex Fridman that being dropped by Balenciaga had been “the happiest day of his life.”

“There was a day where I was headed to Nashville to meet with George Farmer, who is the CEO of Parler, the day when we made the announcement,” Ye said. “At that same day, Balenciaga was taking my imagery off of their site, and the Drink Champs [episode] was being taken down, and I said: ‘This is the happiest day of my life.’ I love cutting the grass low. People really wasn’t with you. They was part-time.”

The fallout has also led to Kanye West being stripped of his billionaire status. According to Forbes, Ye’s billionaire boys club membership has been revoked following the termination of his lucrative adidas deal.

Forbes estimated Kanye’s partnership with the German sportswear giant accounted for $1.5 billion of his net worth. Now that he’s been dropped by the company, Ye is reportedly worth closer to $400 million.

The backlash all began when Ye and Candace Owens donned “White Lives Matter” t-shirts at the YZY Season 9 premiere in the 8th arrondissement of Paris earlier this month. When Ye received pushback for the shirts, he retaliated by noting Owens had been the only public ally he had during his messy co-parenting negotiations with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

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“So why did everyone feel so free to attack me about my t-shirt but Candace Owens was the only public figure to say that it was wrong for the Kardashians to keep me from seeing my daughter,” he wrote to Instagram earlier this month. “Or we just chime in when we want to tear a Black man down for actually having a different political opinion?

“And for all audience so outraged about my t-shirt where were you when I couldn’t see my kids? I went public in hope of public support at the time.”

As for Mike Dean, the iconic producer recently took issue with another frenemy of Kanye West: Kid Cudi, who abruptly removed him from the lineup of his Moon Man’s Landing Festival.

“Dickhead canceled me just from jealousy. Just because I was on tour with The Weeknd,” Dean wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Also there’s more people in a half full stadium when I play than when [Mid Cudi] plays the small arenas.”

Cudder’s fans came to his defense, with one claiming him to be a better producer then Dean is.

“That’s hilarious. I’m done,” Dean responded. “Hahahah. Dude can’t produce his way out of a wet paper sack.”