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Nini Iris Releases New Single “Lovesong”

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Hailing from Tbilisi, Nini Iris is the new star about to release her new single, “Lovesong.” The song stands as a chronicle of the singer’s journey through folk and pop influences, creating a unique sonic trip for the listener. She grew up in a house full of traditional Georgian folk music, so the connection with the music was kind of strong. Her talent was already present at an early stage during regular family meetings and school evenings, which later brought her to the 24th season of The Voice. She made all the chairs turn around with her rendition of “I See Red” by Everybody Loves An Outlaw, showing the real raw talent the girl has. She picked Niall Horan as her mentor and clearly left everyone with the impression that her track choices were going to be nothing less than unconventional, like Radiohead’s “Karma Police” or The Cure’s “Lovesong.”

“Lovesong” is yet another reflection of Nini Iris weaving personal narratives into her emotive-driven vocals: “Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again.” This single is another step in the direction of exploration, finding different ways to express one’s musical identity.

The last single out from Nini is called “Psycho,” which clearly manifested her ability to jump between pop and folk with the smoothest of ease. The track was produced with Matt Chiaravalle and, of course, Nini herself. “Psycho” cuts deep into the human soul with its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, proving immense flexibility and great vision. The reaction of the listeners was more than satisfactory, which furthered her place in the music industry.

The background of Nini Iris seems to be pretty diverse, which will undoubtedly reflect in the music she makes. Born and raised in Tbilisi, she evidently soaked up all the Georgian folk melodies during her formative years. That big breakthrough moment came when, out of boldness, she stepped onto The Voice, heralding the possibility of sharing her voice with many more people. Competing in the show, she continued to win accolades at every step with her diversified renditions of songs that bore depth and sincerity.

“Lovesong” is available on all streaming platforms. The single tells the story of Nini as an artist who keeps her roots strong and ready for the passage of modern pop characteristics. From Tbilisi’s locally famous night venues to The Voice national platform, it has been quite a story of dedication and extraordinary, exclusive artistic vision.

Nini Iris continues to break limits in this journey of music. Her works show an incredible connection with roots, yet they are following paths toward new ways of creation.

Experience Nini’s masterpiece below: