NLE Choppa Says He's Going Independent After Declaring 'Kanye Ain't Said One Lie'

NLE Choppa claimed he’s leaving his major label in light of Kanye West’s criticisms of the music industry. The Warner Records artist declared he would become an independent artist again in a Twitter post on Wednesday (September 16).

“I’m going all the way back independent myself after this album even tho I own my music but it is time for us to start %100 owning our craft,” he wrote. “Time for us to start pushing new agenda instead of the same with us killing our own when we got a bigger problem.”

Choppa’s announcement came a few hours after he tweeted, “Kanye ain’t said one lie.” West aired out his label woes on Twitter this week, even sharing pages of his contract with Universal Music Group.

Yeezy’s latest social media rants repeatedly focused on his efforts to get control of his masters. He also referred to the music industry and NBA as “modern-day slave ships” while insisting “all the musicians will be free.”

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Choppa released his first studio album Top Shotta on Warner Records in August. The LP peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard 200.

Last year, Choppa partnered with Warner to launch his own imprint called No Love Entertainment. He previously signed a distribution deal with Steve Stoute’s UnitedMasters, which handled the release of his Cottonwood EP in 2019.