Outlawz’s Napoleon Says Biggie Was ‘Arrogant’ Going Back To Cali After 2Pac Died

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Napoleon of the Outlawz has been out of the spotlight for some time, but he recently popped back up and shared some thoughts on Biggie in a new interview.

On Monday (May 18), The Art of Dialogue shared a clip of 2Pac’s former artist being asked about Biggie coming to Los Angeles months after ‘Pac passed. In Napoleon’s opinion, the move was a mistake that cost Big his life.

“I think that was a very miscalculated step on his part, you know what I mean?” Napoleon said. “I think he underestimated the people’s love for ‘Pac. And I think it was a little arrogant, to be honest. Of course, we don’t wish death on nobody. And I’m not saying that this is what he gets. These not the words I’m saying but, I heard the radio!”

Napoleon went on to discuss how a radio interview made Biggie a target.

“I remember listening to the radio station and the phone calls that was coming in, the threats!” he continued. “Like people was threatening him. I think they asked him, ‘How you feel about Pac?’ and it was almost from an arrogant standpoint of view where he was like, ‘You know I got my own problems, I’m not worried abut dude’ or something like that, and the people took it as a form of disrespect. So I think for him, it was a little arrogant and it was disrespectful. No doubt it was disrespectful.”

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For Napoleon, he feels that maybe if Big would have just showed a little more love, he may still be here.

“I think when he was doing that, saying he’s coming back to Cali and he was doing these type of things, the people probably would have showed him love if he would have showed more love towards Pac,” he explained.

Listen to the full interview above.