Ray J Teases Cup Noodles Partnership Following Viral BET Awards Clip: 'Big Deal On The Way

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After Ray J was caught on camera diving face-first into a Nissin Cup Noodles during the 2022 BET Awards, the “Sexy Can I” singer disclosed on Tuesday (June 28) that a larger partnership with the noodle company is in the works.

The 41-year-old entrepreneur was spotted at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles taking a quick nosh on some noodles during Sunday’s (June 26) awards. In a video posted to Instagram – in which he was also munching on some noodles – Ray teased that he had just closed a deal with the company.

“Just got off the phone with Cup Noodles,” Ray J said. “Shit good.”


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Ray J is never one to shy away from a unique business opportunity. In April, the R&B singer stepped into The Shade Room with a business offer for Chris Rock and Will Smith after the latter slapped the former at the 2022 Oscars.

“It can only be Will vs Chris, my investors are ready right now – 50M fight no less,” he wrote. “That’s each.”

Of course, when Ray J isn’t plotting money moves, he’s supporting LGBTQ+ rights. The “I Hit It First” crooner took to his Instagram Live earlier in June to plead with straight men to show more love for their gay brothers.

“A lot of n-ggas that’s straight they don’t be trying to shout out to the gay community,” he said. “All my gay n-ggas over here are like ‘wait,’ so I gotta do it because I wanna make sure n-ggas know I’m showing nothing but love.”

He continued, “Listen, I just wanna say that it’s gay pride month. Shout out to all my gay n-ggas. Shout out to everybody in LGBT community. I told my n-ggas that there need to be more straight n-ggas giving love to the gay n-ggas and I hate using the N-word but look it’s serious tho.

“Like I got a lot of gay friends and I got a lot of real n-ggas that’s gay and we make a lot of money together but it ain’t just about the money. It’s just n-ggas is cool and that whether you’re a gay female or a gay dude or you a straight dude whatever it don’t matter. But there need to be more straight n-ggas showing love to the community.”