Skinnyfromthe9 Punches Troll Over Snitch Question & Gets Threatened With Lawsuit

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Skinnyfromthe9 appeared to punch a guy in the face in a video that surfaced on Sunday (May 29). No Jumper reposted a clip of Instagram user @yoitsdrewskii approaching the New Jersey rapper and asking him a question about snitching, which he responded to with a fist to the face.

“Skinnyfromthe9! Oh my goodness! Yo!” the guy said in the clip. “I got an important question to ask too… can I ask a question? When did you snitch on someone?”

Skinnyfromthe9 swung and knocked the glasses off his face, with the guy then walking away from the incident laughing.

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In another post by No Jumper, @yoitsdrewskii is shown sending a bunch of direct messages to Skinnyfromthe9, threatening him with a lawsuit if he doesn’t pay up.

“Yo skinny,” he wrote. “Realizing u threw the first punch and everything my guy. I can really make a bag off u. Not gonna be going to law if u pay a lil price. Talk to me bro. Yk u don’t want cops involved ur career and buzz ain’t the same as it was that money is super tighter that it was we can negotiate fr. So gang u want to gimme that bag or no. I WANT THATBBREAD Cashapp or. We gon press them charges. LMFAOOOOOO MANNNN THIS IS GOATED. SLIDE THA BREADDDDD.”

@yoitsdrewskii shared multiple posts to his Instagram Stories about the incident, naming $20,000 as his price to not press charges.

“Yes Skinnyfromthe9, you heard?” he said in a video. “I’m ’bout to get rich off your ass, you heard? You heard? Give me 20 bands. 20 bands! I want 20 bands!”

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Skinnyfromthe9 was previously accused of snitching on friends, with footage surfacing of him speaking to the police.

“Five or six years ago, I was friends with a group of people from Jersey, people I grew up with,” he explained to Say Cheese in 2019. “They were like my best friends, you could say. One of them set a house on fire, and then he got caught, he got arrested or whatever. And then he gave a statement to the police and basically told on everybody, everybody that was involved. It was like 10 people. But what really stuck out to the whole situation was he tried to blame the shit on me, and I wasn’t even there. I had no involvement whatsoever.”

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He continued, “When I saw that with my own eyes, like your own friend trying to take the easy [route] – he folded, you know what I’m saying? He folded. He basically said, ‘He did it. He did it. He did it.’ So then they were about to charge me with arson and all that, and I was like, that’s wrong bruh. I’m not about to take the wrap for something I didn’t even do.”