Sleepy Hallow Involved In Chair-Throwing Brawl In New Jersey Restaurant

East Rutherford, NJ – Brooklyn rapper Sleepy Hallow may have consequences to deal with following an incident at a New Jersey restaurant last week. According to video footage shared on social media, the New York drill pioneer was dining with friends at 1st RND when a chair-flying brawl ensued.

The clip shows Sleepy Hallow being held back by people while arguing with one of the restaurant employees. The Brooklyn native walks toward the exit, but he grabs a bottle of ketchup and hurls it at the worker, who retaliates by picking up a chair up and launching it at Sleepy. A brawl ensues as the “Deep End Freestyle” rapper and his crew charge at the man and his coworkers.

Someone who appears to be the manager tries to step in and demand Sleepy Hallow and his friends leave the restaurant. However, it was no use as the sounds of the fight drowned out his requests. Eventually, Sleepy Hallow and his team leave the restaurant, but not before one of them tells the manager, “Suck my dick, n-gga.”

There hasn’t been an official explanation as to what caused the fight, but a friend of an employee at the restaurant shared a text conversation detailing what happened that night. Sleepy Hallow and his friends were allegedly being rude and became annoyed after dealing with a long wait for their food. After the brawl, Sleepy was reportedly arrested, but there’s no confirmation on that either.

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“He and his group showed up were rude AF to myself and the rest of the staff and then they tried to fight us and threw chairs,” the person wrote in the text message exchange. “No one on my side was badly hurt besides a couple busted lips and scratches.”

Sleepy Hallow may have to deal with a few fines if things don’t work out in his favor, unlike his buddy Sheff G who’s currently sitting in Rikers Island. Sheff pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal possession of a weapon in October 2021, but appears to be making the most of his time on the inside.

In March, footage of the rapper playing GTA V surfaced online. He was smiling from ear to ear as his character racked up four stars and wreaked havoc in the virtual city.