Snoop Dogg Makes Hilarious 'Wheel Of Fortune' Appearance

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Snoop Dogg is Hip Hop’s renaissance man. The Death Row icon is giving just about everything a try in this lifetime and he made a surprise guest appearance as a contestant on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Snoop’s cameo made for an entertaining episode with some good moments and plenty of misfires from the West Coast legend.

The first hilarious instance came when Snoop Dogg looked to solve a puzzle in the ‘What are you doing?’ category, but came up short when he guessed “baking onions” instead of “baking brownies” in an answer that was tailor-made for the weed savant.

“Martha’s gonna be disappointed. Martha’s gonna be upset,” one of the other contestants chimed in to Snoop regarding his friendship with Martha Stewart.

Another Snoop answer puzzled host Pat Sajak and got a laugh out of the crowd when he put a Hail Mary into the ethos with “toilet atlas” which nobody understood as a guess in the “person” category. The correct answer happened to be “talented artist.” An even more puzzling guess was “Swallowing the knot” instead of “Sweetening the pot.”

The 50-year-old finally struck gold in “rhyme time,” which he of course knows a thing or two about, when he offered up the correct answer to solve the puzzle for “Sun’s out, bun’s out.”

On a much more serious note, Snoop Dogg paid tribute to the late Coolio following the “Gangsta Paradise” rapper’s death on Wednesday (September 28).

Snoop shared a photo of him and Coolio from their 2006 “Gangsta Walk” video on Instagram with the caption: “Gangstas paradise. R. I. P.”

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Coolio passed away from a suspected cardiac arrest when, according to his longtime manager Jarez, Coolio was visiting a friend’s house on Wednesday afternoon and went to the bathroom, but never came back.