Super Troll Drake Hops On Joe Budden's Instagram Live To Clear The Air & Promise Upcoming Interview

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It seems that a Joe Budden Instagram Live isn’t complete without some lighthearted — though sometimes savage — trolling courtesy of Drake. Joe’s Sunday (April 5) stream was no different, as the “Toosie Slide” MC went in on Joe Budden Podcast co-host Rory Farrell and pornvstar Jada Fire.

What made this Live different, was that Drizzy took it a step further (in a positive direction) and went live with the State of the Culture host to clear the air.

“You’re the only one that avoids me for some strange reason,” Joe told Drake, noting that he’s cool with numerous individuals in the OVO crew.

Drake replied, “Never avoid you. I just don’t see you. We’re never in the same place.”

As Joe jokingly asked whether it was because he was too broke, Drizzy gave his trademark smile as he said, “I didn’t want to say it.”

Drake Hops In Joe Budden’s Pool Party Livestream With Pure Jokes

After referencing the lengthy interview on Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller’s Rap Radar podcast and asking when he’d receive similar access, Drake said he’d grant the retired rapper an interview when his new album is complete.

“You’ve been saying that for a year, and now I have a whole leaked album with like 30 Drake joints,” Joe said, to which Drizzy replied, “That’s old shit.”

As their chat drew to an end, the 6 God made it clear that he had no plans to stay out of Joe’s comments.

With a smile on his face, Joe asked, “Why do you troll me this way? Honestly? Like, you don’t think it’s hurtful to me?”

Watch the full Joe Budden and Drake now-classic IG Live exchange above.