T-Pain Responds To Uber Driver Who Says He Didn't Tip

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Biloxi, MS – T-Pain is currently trekking across North America on his The Road To Wiscansin Tour. With a couple of days off while moving through the Southeast, The Florida native decided to take a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, so his wife could visit her former Air Force base.

During their travels, T-Pain and his touring team built up a hefty Uber bill. A Reddit thread has since gone viral from the Uber driver’s daughter accusing T-Pain of not tipping and “drinking up” her mini-bar.

The “Buy U A Drank” rapper got wind of the viral post and decided to respond back on Saturday (May 21) with his version of the events in a series of TikTok videos after they tried to frame him as the stereotypical rich celebrity that doesn’t tip the working class.

T-Pain Flexes His Throwaway Money On ‘That’s Just Tips’

T-Pain explained that there are only five Uber XL drivers in the entire town on weekdays because he actually met them all. After one driver named Nathaniel ripped him off by charging him $200 on top of the Uber charges that Nathaniel promised to turn off, enter Mildred.

“Good old Mildred,” he began before calling out the post for claiming he was riding around with “lady friends.” “My lady friends were my wife and my assistant and literally four other guys. Don’t try to paint this like it’s just T-Pain and some bitches riding around.”

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T-Pain continued to explain that the “mini-bar” being described in the post was a nip of Fireball that she offered, which Pain passed back to one of the tour workers with him. He also claims he wasn’t the one that ordered the Uber, so why would he be receiving blame for the tip.

“To say that she drove me and my lady friends around and I didn’t tip when it was 14 people,” he said. “I didn’t order the Ubers because I’d already given up $260. I’m the one that’s supposed to tip?”

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The “Bartender” rapper went a step further and posted the receipts from his Uber rides paid for by his team, which show that they in fact did tip $3 and $5 on separate rides.

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The original post was eventually deleted and T-Pain successfully put out another fire. Catch him on the Road To Wiscansin Tour with dates coming up in Tampa Bay, Orlando, Charlotte, and NYC.

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