Travis Scott Cops New Bugatti Worth More Than $5.5M

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Travis Scott has a love for collecting exotic sports cars that’s bordering on an addiction. He recently added another whip to his fleet when he copped a Bugatti Veyron Chiron Super Sport.

TMZ caught La Flame taking a joy ride in the blue sports car and they estimate that the luxury vehicle is worth north of $5.5 million when talking to experts and getting a look at the detailed package Scott requested. The model is one of 30 Bugatti cars matching that model on the road right now, making it a very rare purchase.

Trav showed off a view from the driver’s seat featuring the blue-minted interior on his Instagram Story on Tuesday (June 21). However, this could be the same Bugatti he gifted himself for his 29th birthday in 2020.

While he’s slowed down on adding cars to his collection, there is one Lamborghini he has his eyes on.

“At this point, I can say that I would be getting super, super detailed to the vehicle, because I think I have a mix of all the sports cars I’ve ever wanted,” Scott said when asked by L’Officiel Hommes about his dream ride. “There is this Lambo thats looks like fucking Batman, but I’m not going to lie to you… it’s like $14 million.”

Travis Scott Really Loves His Luxury Cars But Wants To Use His Money ‘To Change The World’ Like Elon Musk

With billions of dollars in Astroworld Festival lawsuits still looming over his head, Scott is intent on getting his career back in motion.

He hopped on Southside’s “Hold That Heat” with Future in late April and is slated to make his return to the festival stage when he headlines Day N Vegas in September.