Upcoming Jeezy Concert Has Detroit City Council Feeling Some Kinda Way

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DETROIT, MI – Detroit is putting on an event for a good cause on Saturday (May 30) that even features a Jeezy concert, but not everybody in the Corktown community is thrilled about the return of larger parties, events and concerts in line for the summer.

For Memorial Day Weekend, the Occupy The Corner bike giveaway is slated to begin around 1 p.m. on Saturday and will feature a plethora of free resources for the public at The Corner Ballpark. The Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) event will even conclude with a performance from Jeezy as well.

“It does get a little bit noisy, especially if it’s two o’clock at night,” resident Taurean Thomas told WDIV4. “They’re working to do good in the community and these are some of things they have to do to bring good to the community. You’re not going to please everybody all the time. I think this is a simple issue of communication and communication can probably solve a lot of the problems.”

Detroit City Council members received numerous emails from residents with complaints regarding COVID, safety, noise and more when it comes to the event. Overall, residents are upset with the lack of communication between the PAL and the public.

“The Idea is to approve this weekend and then to agree that we will continue to have a dialogue about what true engagement looks like with this community and overall the future of even hosting events at PAL,” Council President Mary Sheffield added.

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The Off The Corner bike giveaway will also provide free haircuts, food and drinks, and double as a vaccination site for those who haven’t gotten the shot yet.