Waka Flocka Flame Bursts Clout Chasers’ Bubbles With Instagram PSA

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Waka Flocka Flame may have been misinformed about the grave reality of the coronavirus pandemic when he claimed earlier this month that it was “fake” and that minorities are immune to the disease.

But he posited a strong argument to his social media trolls and users with verified accounts in an Instagram video that was reposted by DJ Akademiks on Monday (March 30).

The Atlanta-bred rap superstar called out anyone who may believe that their blue-checked Instagram accounts carry weight in their comments on his posts.

“Nigga, the blue check don’t make you famous. Don’t hit my phone with that shit. That mean Instagram know you, my nigga. That don’t mean you famous. Cut it the fuck out,” Waka said.

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#wakaflocka says being verified on social media don’t make u famous. Is he speaking FAXXXXX or FICTIONNN??

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It’s unclear if Waka reprimanded one person in particular or multiple trolls with verified accounts which caused him to rebuke their reactions to whatever he said.

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But it puts those targeted people on notice that fame on social media can be built organically or bought, and he isn’t one to be sold on anyone’s blue checks compared to his own bank checks.