Young Thug's Lyrics From Several Songs To Be Used As Evidence In Court

Fulton County, GA – Young Thug will remain in Fulton County Jail for the foreseeable future as he was denied bond after being arrested earlier in May on charges of conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act alongside 26 other YSL affiliates including Gunna.

With ABC News digging deeper into the 56-count indictment, they found several Thugger songs and their lyrics from between 2016 and 2021 are being cited and used against him as evidence in the case. The Thug tracks include “Anybody,” “Take it to Trial,” “Ski” featuring Gunna and “Slatty.”

The prosecution is defending their use of lyrics in the courtroom as they believe Thug’s words are “preserving, protecting and enhancing the reputation, power, and territory of the enterprise [YSL].”

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis believes YSL’s actions have them directly liable for “in excess of 50” murders due to gun violence since 2015.

One lyric heavily cited in the indictment is courtesy of Thugger’s “Slatty” verse when he raps, “I killed his man in front of his momma, like fuck lil’ bruh, sister and his cousin/I shoot out/Kill ’em, not leaving a trace.”

Attorneys for Young Thug are set to make their arguments for bond in court on June 2. At the same time, prosecutors have filed a motion to have Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, removed from the case over an alleged conflict of interest.

On the music side, Thug is set to appear on Calvin Harris’ upcoming “Potion” single featuring British pop star Dua Lipa, which arrives on Friday (May 27).