Brandon Banks Conjures Blissful Escapism With 'Wonderland'

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There’s something California – and the West Coast generally – that allows R&B to excel.

The area has a rich heritage, with those wide open spaces seeming to allow songwriters a broader palette to draw from.

Take Brandon Banks. The Inglewood, California artist is on to something special, adding a little magic to his soulful R&B sound.

Incoming EP ‘Natural Progressions’ is a work of great subtlety, with the broad arrangements soaked in suggestion.

New song ‘Wonderland’ opens with gentle, swirling nests of guitar, the wisps of sound building into something hypnotic.

The mesmerising vocal is tinged with contemplation, with Brandon Banks discussing our consumptive relationship with the environment around us.

The video builds on this theme, a dreamy, heavenly series of Californian vistas – tune in now.

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