Stavroz Shares Mysterious 'Wintergreen' Video

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The history of electronic music is peppered with solitary talents, with unique auteurs working alone.

There’s a sideline to this, though – collective action, from Kraftwerk to Hot Chip, is a key means of transmitting ideas.

Belgian four-piece Stavroz sit in this lineage with their opaque electronic landscapes built from scratch by a unique quartet.

Incoming album ‘Mindibu’ is out on May 13th, and sweeping new track ‘Wintergreen’ is online now.

Expertly tailored digitalism, ‘Wintergreen’ has a sharply defined use of melody, one that takes them to fresh areas.

The visual for ‘Wintergreen’ is smothered in mystery, with the imagery echoing a tale of Greek myth.

Stavroz share the story behind the video:

“Our trilogy of videos are based on the ancient legend of Orpheus and Eurydice which has been brought to Mindibu, the world of Stavroz. As Orpheus sets off on his journey to save his love from the underworld, he is joined by Mindibu’s creatures. Uncertain of what lies ahead, he bravely soldiers on, guided by a sinister yet sensual and melancholic soundtrack.”

Tune in now.