Culture Clash: Larkin Poe

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Larkin Poe have a bond closer than most.

The sisterly duo – Megan and Rebecca Lovett – know one another inside out, and trust each other implicitly.

Taking aspects of Americana and matching it to biting indie rock, Larkin Poe are a deliciously engrossing live treat.

Potent songwriting with crisp production, the pair’s new album ‘Kindred Spirits’ is out now, and it’s a broad, emphatically creative return.

A project informed by their live energy, there’s also a studio exactness to Larkin Poe’s work which elevates their musicality.

Clash caught up with the sisterly duo for Culture Clash, probing their extra-curricular pursuits…

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ML: We’re voracious readers, so quarantine has been good for the reading list. I just finished reading David Sedaris’ Calypso; he’s such a smart writer and the way he can pull tear-jerkingly, emotional human moments out of burning, sarcastic humor is unbelievable.

I love all Erik Larson’s books as well… Devil In The White City is a good one to start with. It’s historical non-fiction that reads like fiction.


RL: So much music! Megan and I were listening to ‘Raising Sands’ just today and I was reminded how immaculate that album is. Alison Krauss and Robert Plant blend together so effortlessly, and the sounds are just so beefy and beautiful.

TV Show…

RL: Considering the state of our collective stress level, these days we tend to look for lighthearted episodic adventures. We’ve been rewatching The Office; I just love the characters of that show… you can really fall in love with them.


ML: Our favorite unexpected find lately is the movie Peanut Butter Falcon. It’s a well-made, total feel good movie with the most adorable lead character. Check it out if you need a pick-me-up.

RL: I’ve also been watching these amazing DVDs from Stefan Grossman’s collection. They feature the work of some amazing blues players… I’ve been loving the live footage from Newport Folk Festival; really inspirational!


ML: It’s cliché, but we got a LED Ring light at the beginning of quarantine and it’s been majorly improving the quality of our livestreams and video making. Having beautiful lightning in a convenient package is making us wonder why we waited so long to get one.

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‘Kindred Spirits’ is out now.