French Sneaker Shop Owner Says Elton John Peed Into A Bottle In His Store

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. This is true even of Elton John, who may or may not have peed into a plastic bottle in the middle of a sneaker store after being told a public restroom wasn’t available.

According to TMZ, Ryan Sukkar, who runs Sugarkikz in Nice, alleges the incident transpired this afternoon when the 77-year-old music legend walked in with his two sons and a bodyguard. He says after being informed there was no toilet, John turned to his bodyguard, asked for a bottle, and relieved himself not too far from shoppers. Apparently, his aim was a bit off, and urine ended up on the floor.

Sukkar was “shocked and frustrated” before asking John what he did for a living, to which he replied, “I’m Elton John.” After a quick online search, he realized it was a big deal and was not upset. Before leaving, John bought two pairs of sneakers for his sons, took a picture, and shook hands with Sukkar. John has not yet confirmed or addressed this alleged occurrence.