Mastodon Announce New Pickles

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Big day for metalheads who enjoy fermented cucumbers: Mastodon have announced their own pickles. The venture is done in collaboration with Kelly’s Death Pickles, with each jar priced at an affordable $10.

The products are available on Mastodon’s merch website. The options are plentiful and mouthwatering:

Troy Sanders Diller Be Dilled – a traditional sour dill pickle exploding with garlic. (NO HEAT)

Bill Kelliher Dead and Butterslax – our take on traditional, sweet bread and butter pickles with some unique added spices. (NO HEAT)

Brann Dailor JalaBranño Dill – Jalapeño peppers infused into our dill pickle brine. (A KICK OF JALAPENO HEAT)

Dirty B. Hinds Dill with the Devil – The name says it all. The hottest heat from Carolina Reaper peppers and just a bit of beets for the color added to our dill brine. These are HOT!

Next week, Mastodon will head out on tour with Lamb Of God; will people pregame the pit with pickles? It’s possible. Watch the trailer for the pickles below.