Marina Abramović Leads Seven Minutes Of Silence At Glastonbury

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Music festivals are not ever the place one would go for some peace and quiet, much less a fest as massive as Glastonbury. But earlier today, the Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović managed to get the crowd to be completely silent for seven minutes, giving attendees a moment to reflect on the state of the world.

Per the Guardian, Abramović was scheduled to go on the festival’s Pyramid Stage at 5:55 p.m., just ahead of PJ Harvey’s set. “There are wars, there is famine, there is protest, there is killing,” Abramović told the audience. “Here, we will try to do something different. We can all together give unconditional love to each other. [It is] the only way to change the world.” With the sound of a gong, Abramović opened her arms to reveal a dress in the shape of the CND peace symbol, designed by Burberry’s former creative head Riccardo Tisci.

Glastonbury’s capacity is something like 200,000 people, and there were other artists performing at the time, so it wasn’t a total silence. But, it was still surprisingly impactful, according to reporters who were there and clips of the moment.

“We are really facing a dark moment in human history,” Abramović told the Guardian beforehand. “So what can be done? I always think protest brings more protest; hate brings more hate. I think it’s important to turn to your own self. It’s easy to criticize everything else but what can I do in my own self, how can I change?”

Watch the moment below.

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