October Drift's 'Naked' Is A Beautiful Statement

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October Drift have had a wonderful year.

The band’s album ‘Forever Whatever’ was a storming success, released in the opening weeks of 2020.

At the time, Clash was transfixed, commenting: “Bold and brash, tender and understated, and perhaps most importantly vital, a true contender for album of the year.”

With the pandemic erasing their touring plans, October Drift knuckled down, completing work on new EP ‘Naked’.

Out now, it expands on the universe of their debut, while offering something distinctive in the process.

EP cut ‘Forever Whatever’ is a beautiful statement, and we’re able to share the video before anyone else.

Opening with a close up on vocalist Kiran Roy’s face, the camera moves between extreme close ups and clips from miles above.

Switching between intimacy and the anonymity of broader landscapes, it’s a highly effective clip.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ania Shimpton