Pale Waves Get Raw With New Single 'She's My Religion'

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Pale Waves return with new single ‘She’s My Religion’.

The Manchester group will release their second album in 2021, and their new single leads the way.

Peeling layers of gloss from their sound, it’s a raw, raucous offering, one that taps into the punk energy of their live shows.

Heather Baron-Gracie gets personal on this queer love song, and her potent lyricism refuses to be led down the cliched route of oversexualisation or playful experimentation.

The new single “She helped me find a different kind of love, made me feel like I was finally enough… she‘s cold, she’s dark, she’s cynical, she’s forever angry at the world… she’s no angel but she’s my religion!”

Heather says the single “isn’t the standard or typical love song. Society depicts the dark sides to a person as unloveable and tends to only focus on the positive sides. I believe to love someone and their entirety creates a love that is freeing and truthful.”

“I also wanted to give my fans a song to find themselves in. I wish I had a song like this when I was a young girl trying to find herself in the world.”

Tune in now.

Pale Waves will release new album ‘Who Am I?’ on February 12th.