Ted Nugent Catches COVID-19, After Calling It "Not A Real Pandemic"

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American musician Ted Nugent has contracted coronavirus – shortly after calling it “not a real pandemic”.

The guitarist is known for his Hard Right views, a staunch conservative who was outspoken in his support for Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Previously insisting that COVID-19 is “not a real pandemic” he was shocked to discover this week that he had, in fact, contracted the virus.

Media went wild, with Ted Nugent then hosting a foul-mouthed Facebook Live session with fans to set out his side of the story.

“The lies I’ve seen that I’ve been doing these public appearances knowing I had the COVID-19. False. Saying that I claimed COVID-19 was a hoax. False. I’ve always said… We have actually footage of me saying, if not hundreds, thousands of times… Of course there’s a Chinese virus. Hello? Who thinks that I claimed there’s no Chinese… There’s a Chinese virus. They call it COVID-19. I’m well aware of that.”

Blabbermouth report that Ted Nugent went on to discuss why he had previously criticised lockdowns on social media – having questioned why the U.S. wasn’t “shut down for COVID 1 through 18.”

“You know, comfortably numb is actually uncomfortably dumb, because when I said, ‘What about COVID-1 through 18?’, they missed the whole point,” he said. “I know there was not a COVID-1 through 18, but there were past COVIDs prior to COVID-19 that nobody ever shut down any mom-and-pop businesses, never encouraged the economic destruction of the entrepreneur engine that drives America.”

“So I was merely commenting that prior to COVID-19, nobody ever shut down anything — not for Ebola [virus], not for the Spanish Flu, not for AIDS, not for the Black Plague. But they’re doing it for COVID-19. So I was referencing those past epidemics-slash-pandemics as maybe a generalization of COVID-1 through -18.”

Ted Nugent then returned to his normal programming – baiting the Left. He continued: “You stupid motherfuckers. The left is such a great source of comedy. Keep it up. Richard Pryor isn’t around anymore. We can’t rely on him for the ultimate comedy, so we rely on the comfortably numb nuts, uncomfortably dumb nuts.”

Ted Nugent is currently recovering at home.

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