The “Hawk Tuah” Girl Joined Zach Bryan In Nashville

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I’ve been seeing the phrase “Hawk Tuah girl” floating around online for a couple of days now, but to be completely transparent, I hadn’t fully familiarized myself with the viral meme until today. And I bet a lot of other formerly clueless people are also Googling her today, now that she’s made a guest appearance onstage at a Zach Bryan concert in Nashville.

To catch you up to speed: Hawk Tuah girl is a young woman by the name of Hailey Welch, who was recently featured in a man-on-the-street style interview about “moves in bed that make a man go crazy.” I don’t know why a man was asking her this instead of offering his own suggestions, but that’s beside the point. Welch responded, “you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thing,” which I will not be translating because my dad sometimes reads Stereogum. Thus, Welch became immortalized as the Hawk Tuah girl, a title she’s been embracing with a line of merch that’s reportedly raked in over $65,000.

It’s not unusual for Bryan to bring out guests at his shows. In the past couple of months, he’s welcomed fellow performers like Bruce Springsteen, Kacey Musgraves, and a twerking Sexyy Red. Sure, his guests are typically musicians, but Welch is technically adjacent to the music world now that her “hawk tuah” has already been sampled at least once and used as a Jax song title. Now, she’s doing backup vocals with Bryan on “Revival.” Honestly? Good for her. Watch it below.

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@greatamericanbarscene HAWK TUAH REVIVAL #zachbryan #hawktuah #revival #nashville #fyp ♬ original sound – greatamericanbarscene
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UPDATE: Bryan posted some photos from the night on Instagram with the caption:

hot one in nashville, thank you guys for baring with us through it

hawk tuah

He then had to disable comments.