Watch Charli XCX Bring Out Caroline Polachek To Sing “Welcome To My Island” And Do The Macarena At Roskilde

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Brat summer continues: Roskilde is going down in Denmark, and both Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek are on the lineup. Naturally, the “Von Dutch” singer invited the other pop star to her set, and the pair performed their and George Daniel’s remix of “Welcome To My Island” and danced the Macarena.

Charli and Polachek previously sang the track last year in LA. There have been rumors that a Polachek remix of “Apple” is in our future due to a lot of apple emoji action in Instagram comments; Charli also revealed that “Apple” was inspired by Polachek. Watch clips from their Roskilde performance below.

@askemolin the way charli just casually brought out caroline i will never recover from this. @Charli XCX @Caroline Polachek #charlixcx #carolinepolachek #welcometomyisland #brat #bratsummer #rf24 #roskildefestival ♬ original sound – Aske Molin