Watch Weezer Play “The Good Life” & “Buddy Holly” On John Mulaney’s Netflix Show Everybody’s In LA

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As the Netflix Is A Joke festival marches on, John Mulaney is in the back-half of his live-broadcasting experiment Everybody’s In LA, a star-studded limited talk show type of deal. The show is mostly comedy, and it’s mostly about Los Angeles. Thus far, Mulaney has welcomed the LA-specific musical guests St. Vincent, Warren G, and Joyce Manor onto the program. Last night, he had a big one. He had Santa Monica’s own Weezer, playing two classics.

Tomorrow happens to be the 30th anniversary of Weezer’s self-titled debut, known to most of the world as the Blue Album. Naturally, Weezer opened up last night’s episode of Everybody’s In LA by playing a song that’s not on the Blue Album. Instead, they did the Pinkerton banger “The Good Life.” You know what’s a good song? “The Good Life” by Weezer. At the end of the show, Weezer did take it all the way back to the Blue Album, playing “Buddy Holly,” the song that started it all. (Really, “Unsung (The Sweater Song)” started it all, but “Buddy Holly” took it to a different level.) That’s a good song, too!

Last night’s Everybody’s In LA centered on ghosts and paranormal activity in Los Angeles. On the surface, Weezer are too bright and sunny to fit the theme. But there’s something spooky about how they continue to play all those old bangers with focus and precision, even as Rivers Cuomo looks more and more like my dad. The episode had guests like Cassandra Peterson, the actress known to most of us as Elvira, and… let’s see. Hmm. Says here “Sarah Silverman.” OK. So. You could watch that whole episode and see both Weezer performances, or you could catch a couple of clips below.

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