Bobby Shmurda Warns Rappers Not To Hang Out In Their Hood

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Bobby Shmurda might be known these days for living his best life and enjoying the finer things, but he’s also aware of his position in advising his peers.

On Wednesday (May 11), Bobby pulled up to Power 105.1 to visit DJ Self and have a conversation with the New York City radio personality. During their talk, the “Shmoney” rapper reflected on rappers going back to their respective hoods and how much of a bad idea that is.

“I see n-ggas say this, ‘Don’t leave the hood,’ you gotta leave the hood, bro,” Bobby said. “You gotta leave the hood, you can’t be in the hood, bro. Cause the hood is like you gotta understand when you come from them ends, it’s struggle. When you come back to the hood, you come back to bless the hood. You don’t come back to chill in the hood and have police cause you got enemies. The more famous and richer you get, it’s the more angry that the people didn’t like you and you sitting there in their face all day.”

He added, “You think police won’t get mad? ‘I was locking this n-gga up and now he’s walking in with all this jewelry. If they’re mad at the dope dealers, what the fuck you think they gonna do to us? N-gga’s is asking for a gun to get thrown on them or some shit.”


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Rappers have had their fair share of issues going back to the hood, such as getting locked up or losing their lives. However, it’s a tough situation given the close ties a lot of these people have to their neighborhoods.

Bobby Shmurda Is Looking For A ‘Baddie’ Who Can Cook

While he’s giving out advice, Bobby is on the search for a woman that can cook for him. The Brooklyn rapper hopped on Twitter yesterday to speak on meeting all these beautiful women and realizing none of them can cook.

“Baddies do everything but cook I’m mean shit I hate outside food shit is a Headache,” Shmurda tweeted.