End Of The World Salutes A New Hit: “Osaka” Ft SHAED

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The indie-pop wonder, End of the World, is on a vivacious musical journey with multiple releases back to back.

After their album Chameleon received wide acclaim, the band went on to release an enticing single titled “In My Dream.” Now, they are joining forces again to have their fans feel the spark on their new track “Osaka,” featuring SHAED.

This masterful combination of beats and lyrics brings the finest deep tunes, warm rhythms, and downtempo, elegantly referencing their forward-thinking futuristic edge. The song is a powerful melodic tune created with a sturdy bassline. As the track evolves, it takes listeners on a trip through a world of emotions laced with trippy pads. It’s melodic, it’s majestic, and it’s filled with a sense of hope that is truly what End of the World is all about.

Fusing sounds from various genres and across styles, this unique groover is sunk deep in organic sound that radiates effortlessly.