Hip-Hop Gets Sophisticated When Tae UMG And Tyblee Collaborate: The Duo Released A New Project “On My Own”

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For sophisticated hip-hop lovers, Tae UMG is the go-to artist. The talented singer-songwriter makes the charm of his signature melodies and mannerism even more evident with each new release. His latest collaboration with Tyblee, “On My Own,” brings the best out of both these creative natures. Each of them shows their unique vision in the perfect flow of the track. The instrumental climax of the sound leaves you speechless for good minutes after the song is already finished. 

The creative chemistry with atmospheric heaviness pours out from their passionate collaboration, indicating their desire to renew hip-hop and set new trends in the genre. To reach their goals, they are not afraid to experiment and be bold, and the release of “On My Own” is evidence of their selfless devotion to their art. The music video for the song directed by Remrod also spreads the special energy of the release unto the screen.