Ice-T Cordially Invites Hater To 'Eat More Dicks' After They Accuse Him Of Promoting Violence

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The fatal school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas on Monday (May 23) claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults. As the nation continues to mourn, several members of the Hip Hop community have taken their thoughts to social media, with many calling for stricter gun laws and an end to the insanity.

Ice-T was one of them. On Wednesday (May 25), the Body Count OG tweeted, “I haven’t commented on the Shooting because I still can’t get my head around why MFs wanna kill innocent Children… I’m lost for words. It’s SO Fd up.”

Someone apparently took issue with his comment and decided to use Ice-T’s stacked discography to suggest he’s a hypocrite, which didn’t go over well.

“You have a song called COP KILLER,” they wrote. “You promoted gangster rap and criminality for year. You bragged about trying to steal someones wheels when you first made it on Conan. You aren’t the one to have a moral high horse.”

In true Ice-T fashion, he responded matter-of-factly, “Please eat more dicks.”

Ice-T followed up with, “I love when suckaz get mad at me the call me Old, which is true, based on their age. And Washed Up.. They might wanna Google that one. Lol.”

Of course, Ice-T has starred on the incredibly popular crime drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for over 20 years. He’s also landed a slew of endorsements while juggling his Body Count duties and being a family man to wife Coco Austin and daughter Chanel.

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In an interview with HipHopDX last July, Ice-T spoke about how his “Cop Killer” persona almost killed his endorsement hustle.

It was difficult because I’m the cop killer,” he said at the time. “Everybody in the mainstream was like, ‘They won’t fuck with you because you’re too taboo.’ And I was like, ‘Right.’ And then Snoop started knocking down walls. That’s my brother. So Snoop was going through doors and I’m like, ‘Look, Snoop’s making it through these doors, let’s try.’

“So the first big one I got was the GEICO commercial with the lemonade. The advertising world was watching and there was no blowback. From there, I did RXBARs, CarShield. You see, people don’t understand but if you look at Shaq, like the one he does for The General, that could be eight to $10 million a year. The numbers aren’t bullshit. You know that bitch Flo from Progressive? Trust me, she lives in a mansion. Flo is caked out.”