N.O.R.E. Questions Why Rappers Go To Letterman, Oprah, Zane Lowe Or Ellen Over 'The Culture'

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Netflix rolled out several new episodes of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Friday (May 20), which included interviews with Cardi B, pop singer Billie Eilish, Will Smith and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

Drink Champs co-host N.O.R.E. evidently took issue with any Hip Hop artist sitting down with David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, Apple Music’s Zane Lowe and even Oprah, people he says are outside of the culture.

The outspoken rapper made his case via Twitter on Wednesday (May 25) beginning with, “I have been the best to this culture I have always put hip hop first. And I see u guys go to Ellen and David letterman’s and Zane lows and treat them wit more respect then the culture but u say u want black excellence.

“Imma be honest even going to Oprah or gal is trash at this point !!! We control our in culture why go outside of it!!!”

Noreaga did admit he’s a fan of David Letterman but clearly believes Hip Hop artists should make their initial stops at podcasts such as Million Dollaz Worth of Game or The Joe Budden Podcast before moving on to bigger platforms.

“David letterman is my favorite but man why go there or Ellen before million dollars worth of game or joe or the champs or even twitter sh*t!!!” he added. “Do you believe that Hip Hop artists should visit outlets centered on Rap culture before moving onto the mainstream?”

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Twitter was quick to chime in with a barrage of opinions that primarily centered on Noreaga’s line of questioning during interviews. As one person wrote, “I hear you but not everyone wants to go up there and be asked dumb ass questions like ‘Do you eat ass?’ I exited the Tank episode at that very moment.”

Another wrote, “First of all you gossip, instigate and put female rappers against each other especially Nicki Minaj. That’s why you are not respected. Nothing to do with race.”