Jade Latrice Embraces Change & Explores The Road Less Traveled With “The More”

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Rising artist Jade Latrice‘s newest single, “The More” is an exploration of the challenges of making choices and the possibility of losing connections along the way. The Chicago-based R&B and Hip Hop artist takes cues from her own life, having to walk away from relationships in pursuit of her career. The young talent’s music ponders over the complex emotions that accompany personal growth, acknowledging the mixture of feelings that come with leaving certain aspects of one’s life behind.

Latrice explains: “The More” is an expression of how life can take two people in two different directions. Leaving to go to college or even to pursue your hopes and dreams. A bittersweet moment as you are trying to grow as a person, and you sometimes have to leave the ones you love and care about in order to do so. Expressing how you don’t want the feelings to “fade away” while you are doing so.”

During a recent interview, Latrice revealed that being vulnerable has been the toughest aspect of her journey as a female artist. Nonetheless, she remains determined to express her authentic self through her music. In addition, Jade views writing songs as a therapeutic outlet and feels her greatest accomplishment has been receiving love and support from her listeners. Moving forward, the promising artist plans to continue to tell powerful stories and inspire listeners to overcome life’s obstacles.

Jade Latrice’s latest single, “The More,” is a reflection of her growth and vulnerability as an artist. Her music is a channel to connect with her fans, cementing her position as a rising star to watch in the R&B and Hip Hop music scene. In the upcoming EP set to release this summer, she is set to unveil a more intimate and raw side of herself, promising a harmonious mix of rhythms and heartfelt melodies that are intricately woven together in her signature sound.

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