Kai Phi’s Latest Single Celebrates California’s Nightlife Rituals & Culture

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Up-and-coming DJ and producer, Kai Phi, stirs up the electronic dance music scene with his latest single, “California Forever.” In a recent interview, he explained that the song is a tribute to California’s rich cultural and nightlife scene, “Whether EDM, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Punk, pop, or Latin music, it is all California soul.” With this track, the musician aims to create a celebration of the rituals people go through to prepare for a night out. 

The beat and bass of “California Forever” were designed to have the tempo and feel of a slowed heartbeat, evoking a sense of mindfulness and awareness of life in all cultures. Kai Phi has three more singles on the way, each with its own unique sound and vibe. “Le Midi,” for example, is inspired by the South of France and reminds listeners of motor yacht dance parties and summer vibes, while “Dream Drum,” is a representation of what drums in “a fever dream while in outer space” might sound like. 

When explaining about “In Dig a New,” Kai Phi said that it is an interpretation of the word “indigenous” and was inspired by a Nigerian English class vocabulary parody on YouTube. The reason he decided to drop each track separately is because he believes that a well-thought-out theme should be considered or required for an EP. “Making good music is like being a chef; you want to put thought and care into what you are making for people, so they enjoy the experience distinctly,” explains the artist.

Following in the footsteps of Flying Lotus, Burial, Balam Acab, Dirty Art Club, Roc Marciano, Slum Village, Free the Robots, Deerhoof, Lorn, Onra, Flume, and Radiohead, Kai Phi has a bright future ahead of him. The newcomer has high hopes for the EDM genre, which continues to grow in popularity and evolve with the help of emerging technologies like AR, VR, holography, and multidimensional imaging. While he is pro-AI, the musician emphasizes that artists should not limit their potential for growth by fearing technology, “The authentic connection with people through a chosen medium will never be replaced.” 

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