Riot for Romance & How Their Sound Evolved Over The Years

Riot for Romance is an American post-punk band getting ready to drop a new album, following their self-titled EP, including “The World And Its Weight” and “Less For Regret.” The cross-genre group had also recently released a cover of Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” Their sound is a fusion of keys, guitars, and piano, with their synth and keys cutting through at times. 

Exploring the concept of unburdening oneself from toxic worldviews and forming their own identities, the upcoming album stands out with a sound that ranges from cleaner tones to more saturated ones. According to Riot for Romance, their music has evolved over the years, with their self-titled EP serving as a launching point for their anticipated record. The band’s sound has become more refined, with a greater emphasis on keys and guitars. 

Their music is deeply personal, reflecting the band members’ struggles and relationships, with the lyrics providing a transparent and honest perspective. The group’s songs explore themes such as the impact of the pandemic on relationships and the difficulties of parenting. 

Through their art, Riot for Romance hopes to create a sense of community and belonging for everyone who listens to them and provide a space for people to feel understood and supported, even in the midst of challenging times.

Listen to Riot for Romance’s music below: