Smeethan Calls For Environmental Activism With New Single “Soul Symphony”

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Smeethan, an up-and-coming musician, recently released his new project “Soul Symphony,” which takes inspiration from the natural beauty of the world and the importance of environmental activism. In a recent interview, the singer-songwriter discusses the significance of using natural sounds in his music to inspire an appreciation for the planet. 

The artist believes that humans are at a crossroads and they need to decide whether they want to become better shepherds of the planet or succumb to its fate. With “Soul Symphony,” he highlights the need for action to be taken to survive and thrive in the future, and aims to pay tribute to a new beginning that searches for beauty and strives to protect and cherish it forever. 

Incorporating natural sounds into his music is Smeethan’s way of illustrating just how beautiful the world can be. He explains that the possibilities of what we can do with sound have expanded past what we classically think of as instruments and that we have entered an Age of Waves. 

The music video for “Soul Symphony” features breathtaking footage of nature and wildlife, intended to immerse viewers in the feelings of serenity and awe. Smeethan admits that artists have a responsibility to use their platform to inspire and raise awareness for social and environmental issues. 

Moving forward, Smeethan plans to continue spreading his message through his music and activism. He is currently working on the second half of his project, which focuses on humanity with an optimistic look toward our future. The emerging artist intends to travel around the country to help people pursue the common goal of promoting and preserving life.

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