LOMIJOH Reveals Her Vocal Magic On Debut Single “Don’t Let It Go”

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LOMIJOH, a former tennis player and model based in New York city who grew up in France, just released her wonderful debut single entitled “Don’t Let It Go”. This sophisticated production sees the rising star at her sharpest and most inspired self, delivering some truly magical vibes throughout this near four-minute song. Starting off with a meditative soundscape beautifully elevated by LOMIJOH’s vocal magic to unknown blissful levels, the song instantly reaches our very core. 

“Don’t Let It Go” is a song filled with hope tackling the topic of second chances in relationships, as LOMIJOH successfully attempts to make us all realize how blessed we are to have a special connection with someone, and that sometimes, it’s too bad to let it go for small issues. Her vocal performance is out-of-this-world, and sometimes reminds us of the great artist Sade.