‘Mirror Mirror’ On The Wall: Cann Zeka Is The Fairest Of Them All

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Cann Zeka, DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter has released the latest piece of his recent project, entitled ‘Mirror Mirror.’ The track is a blend between sophisticated melodies and electro-HipHop beats as the artist produces a song that reflects on life’s duality; the inner battle most people struggle with, angel and the devil. 

Mirror Mirror’ is a perfectly produced song that showcases the multiple dimensions of the rising artist, exploring a sound full of imagination and divergence, as it mixes together instrumentals and beat lines, effortlessly. 

Cann Zeka is an authentic artist as he blends together urban culture and electronic one within his music. His flawless sound differentiates him from his predecessors and future descendants because of his honest delivery and original representation. Check out ‘Mirror Mirror’ yourself and hear the sounds of true purity.