Scarface Calls Out Texas Senator Ted Cruz For Attending NRA Convention

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Houston, TX – America is mourning the loss of the 21 individuals killed in the brutal school shooting in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week. While the mourning continues, the country is also searching for answers and pressuring politicians for stricter gun laws.

Even in wake of the massacre at Robb Elementary School, the National Rifle Association is going forward with hosting its annual convention in nearby Houston, where former president Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are slated to appear and speak on Friday (May 27).

Houston native Scarface put Ted Cruz on blast for still having the gall to attend the NRA convention after the bloodshed committed in his state just days ago that left 19 children dead at the hands of gun violence.

“Man @tedcruz has no compassion for anything or anyone, you took off at a time your constituents needed you most you flew to Cancun during the freeze, you let a man insult your wife, your father, hell he insulted you, and now you’re a trumpet you dare to show up at NRA convention,” he wrote on Twitter Friday.

Scarface went on to say that even as an assault rifle owner, he’d be willing to part with his weapon in the future if it meant stricter gun laws so mass shootings like this wouldn’t take place again.

“Ay @tedcruz imagine the terror those little 4th graders faced, the pain tha families are dealing with right now, This is a bad time to attend an NRA convention, btw I have a 4th grader, and I also have an assault rifle I’d be willing to part with my weapon, but NOT my 4th grader,” Face continued.

Many rappers including 2 Chainz, Offset, Missy Elliott, Chuck D and more have weighed in on the tragedy carried out by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

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HipHopDX sends our support to the families of the deceased.